Care instructions

Do not store your jewelry in damp areas, such as bathroom, then they may become discolored.

Remove jewelery before contact with water, such as washing, bathing, showering and washing.

Avoid body lotion, perfume or hair spray or other chemicals directly on the jewelery.

Silver and gold plated jewelry pieces such as chains and pendants wear naturally with time, plating can wear away and the metal than shines through. Only clean the jewelry with a mild hand soap if they are soiled.

To clean, wipe the pearls with a soft towel dry, or damp. If the pearls are very soiled, they can be cleaned with a mild hand soap. Put them on a damp towel so they can dry out.

You should not have jewelry on during sports.
Longer contact with other types of metal jewelry may cause discoloration.

All miOmolly jewelry are nickel free!

This is just good advice!
Be kind to your jewelry - Feel good - Feel Fab!